Our Services.

At Molony Millar we approach the structural aspect of a project in an innovative way.

We are a solution driven firm.

With ideas to provide appropriate design to support architectural creativity. We offer the client cost effective design with a consideration to the buildability of the project for the contractor on site.

We offer a high level of expertise in concrete, steel design, masonry and timber with fresh ideas to enable the project to run efficiently. We have a diverse and expanding client base comprising public and private bodies and companies, as well as individual clients.

Our specialties include the design and construction of Healthcare, Office and Residential Developments.

Our level of design analysis and information production is state of the art and we employ the latest versions of Revit, AutoCAd, Robot, Tekla and other design software.

Molony Millar provide engineering design services in the following fields:

Structural Design





Drainage and Water Supply


Liaising with Irish Water

Construction and Demolition Plans

Flood Risk Assessments